Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley. (Prime Minister’s Office)

“I have been meaningfully reminded over the past ten days that transformation is unattainable without struggle.

The death of civil rights leader John Lewis reminds us that freedom is not a state but an act, and that we must never tire of fighting to create a just society for all.

The passing of cricket legend Sir Everton Weekes reminds us that greatness starts with humility, commitment, consciousness and grace.

I’ve also had cause to reflect on the lessons taught by, and learned from our former Prime Minister Professor the Right Honourable Owen Arthur. The strong sense of national duty and fearless leadership, all for love of country.

As we observe Emancipation Day and ponder the notion of freedom, we should also find the right moment to seriously consider our individual potential to effect true change for the upliftment of us all.  Our ability to stand up, speak up and lift up does not require pedestals but a sincere sense of purpose.

There is no hierarchy in true struggle; each of us regardless of title, status and lineage must walk the walk together, arm in arm, day after day.  For the pursuit of freedom must be a way of life, not just a goal or a project. 

Equally, we must seek to understand that the hand of intervention has been and is still needed to remove the obstacles (including the insidious consequences of unconscious bias) placed in our way.

Freedom must originate and live in the mind and then be manifested by our daily actions. Ultimately, it is within each of us to fight for and to defend our freedom – and then to build upon it for the prosperity of our people.”

Prime Minister Mia Amor Mottley

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