Passes for third sector organisations will be electronic and will be sent to the specific person’s cellphone. (Stock Photo)

Organisations operating in the Third Sector (Non-Governmental Organisations, Civil Society Organisations, voluntary benevolent organisations, service clubs) and faith-based organisations may now apply for emergency passes to be granted to specific persons needing to travel during curfew hours at a new and dedicated email address –

The application process will be managed and overseen by the Ministry of Labour and Social Partnership Relations.

Those persons whose applications are approved will then be issued with the passes by the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Smart Technology. The passes will be electronic and will be sent to the specific person’s cellphone.

 Third sector organisations must provide the following information to have their applications processed: 

  • Name of the third sector organisation 
  • Full name and contact information of the head of the organisation
  • Full name and National Registration Number of person(s) executing the task(s)
  • Physical address, email address and mobile telephone number of the person(s) referred to above
  • Details of task(s) being performed 
  • Frequency of the task(s) 
  • Vehicle make and license number of vehicle to be used by the person(s) executing the task(s).

Emergency Passes Are Not Transferable

The emergency passes received for use during the curfew period are not transferable.  That is, the person for whom the pass is intended must carry the electronic pass at all times. It is an offence to use a pass assigned to a specific person, and anyone doing so will be prosecuted. 

In addition, persons are reminded that although they may have an electronic pass, it is the right of any member of the Royal Barbados Police Force to ask for proof of their identification.

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