Personnel installing a RFID tag to a state-owned vehicle during a recent Electronic Vehicle Registration training session. (MTWW)

Emergency and state-owned vehicles are the first in line to be tagged in the new Electronic Vehicle Registration (EVR) programme being spearheaded by the Barbados Licensing Authority.

The EVR system, which aims to have all vehicles on the island registered and tagged, has reached a stage where personnel are being trained in the various procedures required for the affixing of the radio frequency identification (RFID) chip. To this end, staff have commenced the electronic registration procedure on these vehicles.

According to Consultant to the Electronic Vehicle Registration programme, Dr. Manoj Vensimal, during this phase of the project, ten persons at the three EVR locations will be trained in the five-step registration procedure. 

On completion, each person will be assigned to a specific role, which may include data entry, physical tagging and testing the RFID tags.

He noted that following the registration and tagging of emergency and a few state-owned vehicles, all other government vehicles will be tagged in the upcoming weeks.

Under this phase of the project, the installation of infrastructure at the three registrations centres: Granny’s car park, Oistins; the National Cultural Foundation car park, and the car park of the Garfield Sobers Sports Complex, is also being finalised.

MTWW will inform members of the public when the registration centres are officially opened to the general population.

Ministry of Transport, Works and Water Resources

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