Prime Minister, Freundel Stuart. (FP)

Employees have a role to play in helping their management make their organisations successful.

Prime Minister Freundel Stuart expressed this view last evening as he delivered the feature address at the Fifth GIVE (Great attitudes, Initiative, Values and Excellence) Awards at Hilton Barbados.

Mr. Stuart said that today’s environment is highly competitive and one that is constantly and rapidly changing. "This suggests that employees must not only be cognisant of the environmental factors affecting or impacting upon their organisations, but they must also assist management in making their organisations viable, competitive and successful.

"I go further and suggest that, in order for today’s organisations to be viable, competitive and successful, both employees and management must project great attitudes, initiative, pertinent values and excellence in relation to their productivity and service delivery," he surmised.

He noted that in this increasingly competitive environment those issues of service delivery and excellence as well as productivity continued to engage the attention of both the private and public sectors.

Prime Minister Stuart stressed that all parties within the employment relationship had already agreed that poor attitudes and behaviour impacted negatively on the productivity of employees in all workplaces and placed strain on employer/employee relationships.

"The survey carried out by NISE last year indicated that this is a national problem and not one that affects the public sector only. Poor attitudes and behaviour in the workplace also impact negatively on a public which either uses or purchases our goods and services. The globalised environment in which we all work and live, demands a high level of service from all of us in whatever sphere we find ourselves," he declared.

During the evening, 17 persons were presented with awards, including Laurell Skeete of the Cabinet Office, Pauleen Beckles of the Ministry of the Environment and Drainage, Andre Skeete of the Barbados Government Information Service, Michael Broomes of the Office of the Attorney General and Heidi Holligan of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Farm worker, Lambert Carrington, received an award for his long service in the External Employment Programmes, which are facilitated by the Ministry of Labour, the organisers of the Awards Ceremony.

Prime Minister Stuart said he supported the Ministry’s decision to include those overseas temporary workers in the awards ceremony, saying: "Year after year, reports are received from employers abroad who commend many of these workers for their quality work."


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