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The Manpower Research and Statistical Unit (MRSU) of the Ministry of Labour will begin its Skills for the Future Employer Survey, next Monday, March 13.

The survey, which will focus initially on the international business, financial services and manufacturing sectors, will seek to gather information on Barbados’ skills gaps and requirements, as perceived by various employers. It will continue for these sectors until Friday, April 21.

During the second phase, the survey will be administered within the cultural and creative industries, from Monday, April 17, to Friday, May 26. The final survey will focus on the tourism industry, from Monday, April 24, to Monday, June 26.

Enumerators from MRSB Consulting, Kaizen Business Development Inc. and the Ministry of Labour will assist participants in completing the surveys in person, or via telephone.

Employers may also complete the surveys online by clicking here.


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