Field Trainer at Kuder Inc., Theresa Steinlage (left) taking participants through the paces of the new Kuder Navigation System at the Data Processing Department. (C.Pitt/BGIS)

The Ministry of Labour is partnering with a United States-based career education and research company to conduct training in a career assessment programme to assist young people to make the right career choices based on their skills and competencies.

The training, which was facilitated by Field Trainer at Kuder Inc., Theresa Steinlage, was conducted at the Data Processing Department for participants drawn from secondary schools, tertiary institutions and the National Employment Bureau (NEB).

According to Mrs. Steinlage, the training was designed to instruct career guidance counsellors on how their students can take assessments using the Kuder Navigation and Journey system’s to identify their career choices.

The objective of the assessments, the Field Trainer said, was for the students to “look at occupations and the educational and training needs that are needed for the respective career choice so that they can plan their future”.

Mrs. Steinlage continued: “It [training] is researched-based and students can be assured that they are going to set goals based on their true career interests and to make plans that they will be highly motivated to achieve in their educational activities.”

Apart from taking career assessments tests, the students will be taught how to write “eye-catching” resumes and cover letters; how to attain jobs; and how to be successful at job interviews.

Meanwhile, Programme Officer with the Ministry’s Human Resource Strategy Unit, Moreen Bowen, said the Ministry was pleased to partner with career guidance counsellors and Kuder Inc. in an effort to continue to build capacity in the area of career guidance and counselling.

On completion, the programme will be piloted in the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic, the Barbados Vocational Training Board, St. Leonard’s Boys’ School, Darryl Jordan Secondary School, the Lester Vaughan School and The St. Michael School.

The Kuder Journey programme will be utilised by officers at the NEB as they interface with job seekers.

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