The World Health Organization (WHO) announced on August 10, this year that the H1N1 pandemic has ended and we are now moving into the post pandemic period.??

This follows an assessment of the global situation by the International Health Regulations Emergency Committee.

According to Dr. Margaret Chan, Director General of the WHO, "globally the levels and patterns of H1N1 transmission now being seen differ significantly from what was observed during the pandemic.?? Out of season outbreaks are no longer being reported in either the northern or southern hemisphere".

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health is continuing to exercise vigilance regarding clinical and laboratory surveillance of acute respiratory conditions.?? In recent weeks, an upsurge in cases of respiratory illness has been recorded by the Epidemiology Unit, however, so far, none of these cases were demonstrated to have been caused by the Influenza A H1N1 virus.

The Ministry of Health is urging Barbadians to continue to practice proper hygiene, such as covering their nose or mouth with a tissue when sneezing or coughing and by placing the tissue in a garbage can.?? Frequent hand washing with soap and water; or using alcohol based hand sanitisers is also strongly recommended.????

Author: Ministry of Health/BGIS

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