Students will get the opportunity to enhance their knowledge about renewable energy and energy efficiency during a number of competitions that will be put on by the Division of Energy as part of its Energy Week activities.

In keeping with the theme Energy the Engine of the Economy, the Division will be offering a colouring contest for primary school students between the ages of five and seven years old.?? Students between the ages of eight and 11 may submit entries in the poster competition category and the essay competition; while secondary school students from first to fifth forms may submit entries in the essay competition.

For the poster competition, the work must be submitted on competition colouring scripts which should be downloaded from the Division’s website at http://www.energy.gov.bb/.?? Additionally, the contact information must be submitted on a colouring entry form which may also be found on the website or collected from the Division of Energy’s office in the Trinity Business Complex, Country Road, St. Michael.

The entries must be submitted on bristol board 30 x 25 inches wide.??Additionally, the following materials may be used in creating the posters: pencils; pens; markers; crayons (pencil or wax, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, ‘, NULL, NULL, 0); recycled items such as bottle caps; straws; lolli-sticks; paper clippings; string and coins.?? Students may also use organic items such as seeds or wood shavings.

Students eight to 11 years old entering the essay contest, are required to submit one paper on the following topics: Discuss how Renewable Energy is used in Barbados or Discuss the Value of Electricity in Barbados.?? Each entry must be no more than 500 words and written on a lined essay competition sheet with the contact information. Entry forms may also be downloaded from the Division of Energy’s website or collected from the office.

In the secondary school, students in first to third forms are required to write an essay of 500 to 1,000 words on the following topic: Discuss the Role of Energy Innovations in Creating a Sustainable Barbados.

All entries must be typed, double spaced in Times New Roman in font size 10 or 12 and on single sided 8 ?? x 11-inch white sheets of paper, with a margin of one inch all around.?? The completed document must have a bibliography as proof of scholarly research from sources such as the internet, books and newspaper articles.

All essays will be graded on content, writing style and research.

The winners will receive attractive prizes such as gift certificates for a bicycle, toys and school supplies; a tour on the Atlantis Submarine for two children and two adults; a tour of Harrison’s Cave for two children and two adults; a Kindle Fire HD; an iPad 3 with Wi-Fi and 4G network capabilities; and a 3D movie night at the Olympus Theatres for two adults and two children.

The deadline for completed entries is Monday, December 3.


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