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The Energy Grant, which was proposed by the Minister of Finance in the Budgetary Statement and Financial Proposals of August this year, is now in full effect.

The Grant, totalling five million dollars, was designed to assist persons over 65 years, persons with disabilities, and those who are unemployed and indigent with energy payments.

To this end, the Ministry of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Community Development, in accordance with the Budgetary Statement, has made the assistance available through the Welfare Department.

Eligible persons may contact the Welfare Department at the following locations: 5th Floor, Old National Insurance Building, Fairchild Street, Bridgetown, at 427-5295/ 426-3035;?? Weymouth Complex, Corner of Roebuck Street and Country Road, St. Michael, at 427-0159 / 426-2313;?? Benthams, St. Lucy, at 439-8167; Barbados National Bank Building, Speightstown, St. Peter, at 422-0280; Belleplaine, St. Andrew, at 422-9816; Glebe, St. George, at 429-1686/1687; Warrens Polyclinic, St. Michael, at 425-2951/2954; Gall Hill, St. John, at 433-3749; and Six Roads, St. Philip, at 423-5689.

Payments to the Barbados Light and Power Company will be made only by the Welfare Department. These will be made for a short period, and are subject to review.

Unemployed persons applying for assistance must show proof of up-to-date registration with the National Employment Bureau, when applying for the Grant.?? The applicant’s Barbados Identification Card, along with original electricity bills, must be presented.

Eligible persons are also advised to note that irregular or unsubstantiated claims will not be processed.

The Ministry of Social Care, Constituency Empowerment and Community Development, has encouraged persons to use electricity wisely.


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