Community Development Minister, Steve Blackett

Community Development Minister, Steve Blackett, has encouraged all Barbadians to enlist their children in such organisations as Boys Scouts, Brownies, Guides and Cadets.

The Minister expressed these sentiments yesterday during an address at the Boys’ Scouts Association’s annual presentation of sectional awards, which was held at the Lester Vaughan School.

"It is my view that we need to encourage youngsters to spend more time pursuing wholesome activities that will make full use of their early years; developing skills and giving them confidence in exploring their natural environment.?? Scouting and activities such as Blossoms, Brownies, Girl Guides and Cadets are ideal in this regard," Mr. Blackett maintained.

He further noted that such activities would assist in the creation of unity and purposefulness, which would eventually lead to the development of community life.

"My Ministry, through the Community Development Department and the Department of Constituency Empowerment has renewed its commitment to facilitating the development of vibrant and active communities which demonstrate the fullest level of integration of individuals of all age groups, backgrounds, skill-sets and persuasions.?? We all have something that we can teach each other and learn from each other," Mr. Blackett asserted.

In pointing out the positive qualities which could be imparted on the youth through enrollment in the aforementioned organisations, the Community Development Minister pleaded with those parents in attendance to allow their children to remain in the Boys Scouts.

"I can assure you that it will be of tremendous benefit to them, and to you as well, in the long run.?? You will not regret it since the character, leadership skills and diligence that will be imparted to them over the next few years will serve them well, long after you are able to provide and care for them," Mr. Blackett stated.??


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