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Students of The Ellerslie School, at Black Rock, St. Michael, will display their entrepreneurial side, when the school stages its Entrepreneurship Extravaganza 2019 this Friday, March 8, from 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m.

The aim of the event is for students to showcase their talents in a business development setting. It is expected to provide practical experiences for students in an effort to create and maintain their interest in the areas of business, entrepreneurship and leadership.

The extravaganza will also allow them to market their work/produce to members of the public. Additionally, teachers will use the event to assess the business capacity of students.

Apart from the students, participants will include staff, who will act as facilitators, exhibitors and consultants; parents; alumni members; and persons from the business community.

There will be student performances in music, dance, drama and theatre. A variety of visual arts pieces will also be showcased such as paintings, drawings, printmaking, sewing and knitting.  In addition, nail and face painting, make-up artistry; arts and craft; pastries, hair styling; poetry; photography; bodybuilding; entertainment, sports and much more will be available.

The school’s extravaganza will also be an opportunity for students/staff to sell their handcrafted items, and expand their knowledge on becoming entrepreneurs while doing so. They will have to create business names with the view of having their products appropriately branded. Some details will also be provided about pricing work, labour, production costs, marketing and branding.

All are invited.


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