Minister of the Environment, Dr. Denis Lowe

“If tourism is going to be sustained in Barbados, particularly during these times, what will make us unique is not only the quality of life of our citizens, but the quality of our environment.”

This is the assertion of Minister of the Environment, Dr. Denis Lowe, who underlined that the creation of a better society is often not captured in buildings, but in the quality of life people live.

Dr. Lowe, who was speaking recently during the official opening of the Sanitation Service Authority’s (SSA) City Depot and Public Bath at Reed Street, noted that often, while pursuing a certain quality of life, the public tended to forget those persons who are really the foot soldiers in creating sustainable development through the services they provide.

In this regard, he lauded the SSA’s contribution, noting that its services stood at the pinnacle of the Ministry’s efforts.

“What we must pass on to the next generation, through our sustainable development efforts,” he said, “is not simply larger bank accounts, nicer buildings, or nicer roadways, but a greater appreciation for sustaining a high quality of life, from home  to the workplace, to recreational spaces, and wherever we go.

“Because Barbados is not defined simply by neighbourhoods in the heights and the terraces, but Barbados is defined wherever there is a square foot of land, regardless of who occupies it.”

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