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The Biodiversity Conservation and Management Section of the Ministry of Environment and National Beautification has launched its new website ‘Biodiversity Barbados’.

Persons may access it by visiting biodiversity.gov.bb. The website aims to increase public engagement, while sharing useful information about the Ministry’s work in conservation ecology and environmental management.

Biodiversity Barbados had its humble beginnings as the Sustainable Land Management site in 2013. Developed as an output of the UNDP-GEF Sustainable Land Management Medium-sized Project (SLM-MSP), the website was originally designed solely to house information related to Barbados’ efforts to reduce land degradation through reforestation projects, institutional strengthening and spatial planning.

In 2016, the website was expanded to focus on more holistic ecosystem management with the introduction of biodiversity-related activities. Over time, its scope has broadened, leading to the development of the new website.

It will continue to provide important and up-to-date news on Biodiversity Conservation and Management in Barbados, but has been enhanced with further resources to add value to readers. 

The site now hosts Barbados’ ‘Biodiversity Clearing House’, the national node of the Convention on Biological Diversity’s global Clearing House Mechanism, which provides information on national policy documents, national reports and legislation important to the conservation and management of the environment. 

The website has an added ‘Agrobiodiversity’section which houses farmers’ manuals to maximize yields, while combatting pests and other factors that may affect agricultural productivity locally. 

These manuals aim to contribute towards the Government of Barbados’ push to bolster local food production and enhance national food security. 

Some of the farmers’ resources immediately available include Best Practices in Green Monkey Deterrence and Row Covers Construction Guide.


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