Minister of Environment and National Beautification, Trevor Prescod and students of the St. Joseph Primary petting a horse at the Nature Fun Ranch during a recent tour of the facility. (S.Maughan/BGIS)

The Ministry of Environment and National Beautification is willing to assist in the development of local youth empowerment organisation, Nature Fun Ranch, into a more viable green space.

Minister Trevor Prescod gave this indication following a recent tour of the Bruce Vale, St. Andrew facility, which seeks to help at-risk youth through holistic living.

The Nature Fun Ranch is located within the Barbados National Park, a section of the island earmarked by the National Heritage Department to be the focus of environmental conservation and preservation. This designated area stretches along the coastline of St. Lucy to St. Philip, and inland to St. Thomas.

Acknowledging the work done in an effort to enhance the area, Mr. Prescod said it was his Ministry’s intention to meet with Mr. Layne to discuss how it could assist in a number of areas, such as improving the aesthetic appeal.

“It has a lot of potential. It can also become a tourist attraction…. We want to have a greater national response to what we have featured here,” he added, stressing that care would be taken to ensure that the natural environment would not be disturbed during any work to enhance the area.

The Environment Minister also commended founder, Corey Lane for his efforts to engage the young attendees in activities geared at encouraging self-help, agriculture and preservation of the environment.

The tour was among activities held to mark Environment Month, which ended on June 30, and also saw the Minister interacting with students of the St. Elizabeth and St. Joseph Primary schools who visited the Nature Fun Ranch.

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