There is still room for companies offering environmental products and services to be a part of this year’s Arbor Day celebrations.??

Under the theme: Trees: The Circle of Life, activities will take the form of an expo on September 22, at the National Conservation Commission’s (NCC) Codrington, St. Michael headquarters, from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.

Special Projects Officer at the NCC, Ricardo Marshall, said while 35 companies had already confirmed their presence, and others were making enquiries, there was still room for those who wanted to be a part of the annual expo, now in its sixth year.

All businesses participating in this year’s event will have an opportunity to market themselves directly to thousands of "eco-conscious" consumers, who can also learn about the green products and services available to them on the market.

"We want to see more companies coming to display their products or services that impact positively on the environment," Mr. Marshall said.

He stressed that it was a chance for all agencies, both Governmental and private, to come on board and highlight what they were doing for the preservation of the environment.

Mr. Marshall stated that the objective of the Expo was to promote the importance of trees through a practical or interactive demonstration that highlighted the many products and services consumed and utilised on a daily basis which came from trees.

He added that other activities planned for the week leading up to the Expo, beginning on September 1, included a church service, and workshops which will focus on plant care, plant propagation and recycling.

However, the public is also expected to benefit from the Expo which will provide an educational and motivational experience suitable for the entire family, while raising their environmental consciousness.

The NCC will also be hosting a massive plant sale during the Expo offering discounts of up to 20 per cent on selected plants.

Businesses, and or individuals who wish to be part of the Expo should contact Ricardo Marshall at 425-1200/1202 or 1212. They may also visit the NCC website at http://www.nccbarbados.gov.bb/ to download the registration form which should be submitted to the NCC as soon as possible.

No fee will be charged to exhibitors who sell their products and services during the event.


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