Several secondary and tertiary school students are expected to go head-to-head to debate some of Barbados’ most crucial environmental issues when the National Council for Science and Technology (NCST) launches its Schools’ Science Lecture Series and Debating Competition tomorrow, January 14.

The first day of competition will see Deighton Griffith School offer the proposition and Combermere School, the opposition, on the statement: "water conservation is not necessary for Barbados, since desalinated water from the sea around us can supply all the potable water we need".?? Linda Dudley of Ionics Freshwater Ltd. will be the presenter for the topic.

The series continues next week when students from six additional schools debate: ??"the economic gains of mangroves versus marinas, the human contribution to coastal degradation and aquaculture as an alternative to the traditional fishing industry."

These preliminary rounds, which continue from Monday, January 16, and end on Wednesday, January 18, will be followed by semi-final rounds in February and the final round in March.

The competition takes place at the Grande Salle of the Central Bank, Bridgetown from 10:00 a.m.????

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