By the end of October, Barbados will have two Cherrington beach cleaners to aid in the fight against the sargassum seaweed, without causing damage to the island???s beaches.

This was revealed by General Manager of the National Conservation Commission (NCC), Keith Neblett, as he addressed the 2015 National Arbor Day celebrations at the Folkestone Park and Marine Reserve today.

Mr. Neblett pointed out that the new equipment would pose no damage to the island???s beaches, and would be safe to use even in protected areas.

He explained that it was the only equipment used during the oil spill in the Gulf, and did not result in the removal of sand, as other types of equipment were prone to do.?????The Cherrington beach cleaners will make a lot of difference in terms of the maintenance of our beaches. Even if the seaweed stops tomorrow, they would be of great benefit to the NCC and the maintenance of our beaches,??? he said.

However, the General Manager stressed that while the Cherrington beach cleaners would make cleaning the beaches easier, the NCC would still have to use equipment and staff because there were still areas that were inaccessible.

To date, close to 40,000 cubic meters of sargassum seaweed have been removed from beaches stretching from River Bay in St. Lucy, to Brownes Beach in St. Michael, by the NCC, the Ministry of Transport and Works, the Drainage Division, and other stakeholders, including volunteers.

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