The Clocktower at the Garrison Savannah??

The Division of Culture and Sports and the Barbados World Heritage Committee, the two entities responsible for overseeing the management of the UNESCO World Property, Historic Bridgetown and its Garrison, will be installing the first set of signage to the property on Thursday, November 29, at the Garrison Savannah, at 5:00 p.m.

The installation of the signage will be done in phases. The first set of signage to be erected will be at key locations along the entrance to the boundary of the property. These signs are aimed at assisting members of the public in identifying the boundaries of the UNESCO World Heritage property, as well as its entrances. The signs will feature a map of the entire UNESCO site along with an enlarged section map highlighting the location of the signs.

The next set of signage will be interpretative in nature and is designed to educate the public about historic buildings and sites. In addition, ???directional signage’ is also being planned for the property.


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