Ministry of Innovation, Science and Smart Technology management team – Standing (l-r): Richard Durant, Clifford Bostic, Ovvyng Harewood, Charles Cyrus, Rodney Taylor and Rodney Payne while sitting is Charley Brown, Estonia eGovernance Academy’s Marit Lani and Linnor Viik, and Dr. Annalee Babb. (MIST)

Government will shortly be entering into a technical cooperation agreement with Estonia’s e-Governance Academy to assist with the digital transformation of the public sector.

A team from Estonia’s e-Governance Academy is currently in Barbados on a four-day fact-finding mission to assist in this effort.

The initial focus of the mission will be to review critical areas such as information and communications technology (ICT) coordination in the public sector; management of the digital transformation process; implementation of the X-Road platform for interoperability; central registries including population, land and business; cyber-security; digital identity; and e-health.

The mission will also seek to get input from academia and the business sector.

The second stage of the e-Governance and ICT policy study programme will see the Estonians hosting a delegation from Barbados on a study tour.  The tour is designed for public-sector leaders, but will include representatives from the private sector. 

Estonia is widely recognized as a global leader in national digital transformation since it started its journey over 20 years ago.  Barbados will benefit from this experience as it seeks to modernize and digitize the public sector. 

Ministry of Innovation, Science & Smart Technology

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