This island???s private sector will soon begin to receive valuable training on the Electronic Single Window (ESW), which is expected to make trade-related business transactions with Government easier and more efficient.

Project Coordinator of the Barbados Competitiveness Programme, Terry Bascombe, disclosed that training for the private sector would begin in June.

He said a Train-the-Trainer approach, similar to what was employed for the public sector training which started in late April, would be employed.

Mr. Bascombe explained that through the ESW, the trading community would be able to electronically apply and obtain approval for licences, permits, certificates and other documents required to import or export.

He continued: ???It is advisable that potential users of the ESW in Government and the private sector be trained before the system is put in place. In order to make the training effective, efficient and available to as many people as possible, a Train-the-Trainer approach is being used, whereby one or two people per organisation are being trained and those individuals will then train others who will be using the system in their workplace.???

Underscoring the importance of the training, the Project Coordinator further explained that it would comprise live instruction, along with hands-on experience with the system. This combination, he said, would ensure that businesses are well prepared to take advantage of the benefits of the ESW when it is launched.

When the first Train-The-Trainer session was held for government employees from various agencies, they were taught how to approve applications online and issue documents for importing and exporting. Mr. Bascombe pointed out that the participants were pleased to learn how the ESW would have a positive impact on how they perform their duties.

An electronic single window is an environment that facilitates the electronic submission of standardised international trade and transport-related documents to a single point.

The Barbados ESW, which is being implemented by A-T Solutions, a US-based firm owned by the PAE conglomerate, will provide a single online interface for the exchange of trade-related documents between the trading community and relevant regulatory agencies.

Mr. Bascombe noted that at present, the number of import and export-related paper documents total in excess of 190. He explained that making these forms electronic would eliminate the need for the physical distribution of over 30,000 trade-related licences, permits and certificates. ???This will generate cost savings to the private and public sectors in Barbados,??? he stressed.

Barbados??? Electronic Single Window will be introduced early next year. Additional information about the system and related training may be found on the website

Author: Sharon Austin/BCP

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