Students about to sit the Barbados Secondary Schools??? Entrance Examination were yesterday reminded that they are the most important resource in the education system.

This sentiment was conveyed by Ambassador and Head of the European Union (EU) Delegation to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean, Mikael Barfod, as 19 class four students from St. Ambrose Primary School received kits from the EU, comprising two pencils, one eraser, one ruler, one pouch, a sharpener and a clipboard.

The children heard that great things could come from their school at Cypress Street, The City, despite its small size, and that education was one of the most important factors for a certain future.

Acknowledging that it provided the tools to expand their mind and horizons, Ambassador Barfod said: ???You are the future of this country; in 10, 20, 30, years you are going to run this country. You are going to work in manual jobs, vocational jobs professional jobs, and one of you may take over from the Minister [of Education].

???And, who knows, one of you might become a Barbadian Ambassador as well. You are the future. If you don???t get an education, if you don???t succeed in life, Barbados will not succeed. Barbados will not be a happy place. Barbados will not be prosperous.??? Encouraging the 19 to relax as they prepare for the May 5 exam, which he described as just another step in their educational journey, the Ambassador added: ???I am sure you are going to do your best.???

The EU, through the European Development Fund, has allocated approximately 50 million Euros towards the Barbados Human Resource Development Programme 2011-2016. The kits are the EU???s contribution as part of its development agenda. Other schools, both public and private, are also expected to soon receive the EU stationery kits from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs.

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