Everyone has a role to play in this country???s recovery process and Government is continuing to make its contribution to this effort.

This assertion was made by Minister of Labour, Senator Dr. Esther Byer Suckoo, as she delivered opening remarks at the Productivity Council???s Week of Excellence seminar, which was held today at the Barbados Workers??? Union Headquarters, Solidarity House.

???Whilst Government is fully conscious of the challenges and has a mandate to seek and implement solutions which will engender economic recovery, we all have a role to play in the recovery process. We know that there is no panacea for all the challenges which we encounter, whether it be at the level of Government, social partnership, the workplace or even in our personal lives; but whatever the solutions we decide upon, ingenuity, proactivity and fortitude would make them attainable,??? she stressed.

Noting that the adage ???if you???re not part of the solution, you???re part of the problem??? was appropriate in these circumstances, Minister Byer Suckoo explained that the ongoing recovery programme, though difficult, was necessary if some of the current problems were to be resolved.
???Government is actively working on solutions in the 19-month recovery programme that we???re all aware of, which includes reducing its expenditure and starting projects such as the Barbados Water Authority???s mains laying programme, which was started last week. And yes, the retrenchments are part of that as well. A painful prescription, I know, and like surgery it hurts, even while you know that there???s healing going on the inside.

???You may not all agree with the measures that have been outlined???but now is not the time to sit around arguing about what Government is doing or not doing. The fact is, Government is now a part of the solution ??? [but] are we? Meaning ???we??? at the individual level…what are you doing for the sake of your country that has done so much for you????, she quipped.

The Labour Minister made the observation that one???s attitude to these and other challenges was not only crucial for the country to recover, but for various industries and sectors to thrive.?????Poor attitudes have the potential not only to undermine the quality of work relationships, but they can create tension and conflict and undermine leadership and foster customer dissatisfaction, while undeniably hindering employee productivity.

And if there???s one solution that we can identify for every Barbadian, it would be to adopt, not only a positive attitude to our challenges???but also a good attitude to our work,??? she noted.

The seminar, one in a series which will be held this week, focused on the impact of non-communicable diseases, and mental and physical health on the workforce and in the workplace.


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