Everyone has a role to play in protecting the environment.

This comment came earlier today from Minister of the Environment and Drainage, Dr. Denis Lowe, who was speaking at the launch of the Schools??? Fruit Tree Planting Initiative to promote food security, biodiversity and climate change, at St. Christopher???s Primary School, Christ Church.

Dr. Lowe encouraged the students to be a part of their school???s waste management system, by not littering the grounds or classrooms.

He stressed that they should continue their practices in their homes as well.

???I want to see you become a part of the management of the waste of Barbados because if we throw our papers and our cups and our cartons on the ground, they blow around, they go into the drains and when the rain falls we get flooding. So in order to avoid that situation you have to be diligent ???. It is also important to take the message home with you because you want to make sure that what your parents may not know about good environmental practices, you can help them to understand,??? Dr. Lowe said.

The Minister also lauded the school???s current environment programme, stating that he was proud of its efforts to help protect the environment. However, he encouraged the students to start their own recycling programme.


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