Blackman and Gollop Primary School (FP)

The first year in the life of the Blackman and Gollop Primary School has been described by Principal, Joslyn Brewster, as one of "exciting challenges, fulfilling experiences, expectant hope and the making and solidifying of new relationships".

She was yesterday delivering the Principal’s report at the inaugural graduation ceremony held at the school located at Staple Grove, Christ Church.

Recalling that the year began on September 5, 2011, when the school embraced 186 boys and 197 girls as its first students, Ms. Brewster acknowledged that it had "its number of skirmishes" as the students, particularly the girls, wrestled with issues brought about as a result of the amalgamation between St. David’s and South District Primary Schools.

Pointing out that the teachers soon "put the children right" the Principal recounted: "We said, this is where we belong. You would bring history with you, but now we must think ???we are one’."

The school’s record in sports and other extra-curricular activities were outlined to parents and guardians, while teachers and friends of the school were complimented for assistance given to the new institution and its students.

As Ms. Brewster explained there was no other year with which to compare the school’s result in the Barbados secondary Schools’ Entrance Examination (BSSEE), she noted that 31 girls and 21 boys sat the exam. Two other students, she added, were exempted from the examination but all 54 had been assigned to secondary schools.

Providing a brief analysis of the 2012 BSSEE, she said it showed that the least score in English was 27 per cent, and in Mathematics 20.76 per cent.?? It also revealed that 76.9 per cent of Blackman and Gollop students scored above 50 per cent in English while 67.3 per cent scored above 50 per cent in Mathematics.

The most outstanding boy was Daniel Glasgow, who scored 97 per cent in Mathematics, and 85 per cent in English, and a "C", for Composition. Chelsea Niles with a score of 98 per cent in Mathematics, 93 per cent in English and a "B" in Composition, was the top girl.

Ms. Brewster, in stressing that across the island students were performing much better in English than Mathematics, declared: "We, at Blackman and Gollop promise to vigorously address and hopefully reverse this trend so that students will be just as confident in writing a Math exam as they are in writing an English one."

And, she reminded those gathered that it would take "a combined effort" on the entire Blackman and Gollop family of parents and teachers to achieve these goals.

The 2012 graduating class heard that although they had spent one short year at the new school, they were "pleasant memories" to take away. "We have prepared you the best way we can for the next stage of your journey. You know what is required of you. Live a life that is pleasing to God and one that will make you and your parents proud. Do your best at all times and remember that wherever you may go, you are GEMS. Live your dreams and never let them die," Ms. Brewster stressed.

The Principal also shared some advice with parents, telling them, among other things, to support their children’s efforts, listen to them, love them and to lead by example.

She urged: "Give your support to the school your child will attend. Prepare your child by telling his/her about its importance…Instil in your child the desire to acquire knowledge and to be disciplined and to obey the school rules Help your children to understand the importance of attempting all homework assignments… Help us to help your children become the kind of persons with whom you would want to live when you become old."


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