Persons in the care and custody of public institutions and disabled persons who are not in such establishments are no longer required to pay the $25 charge for the replacement of lost, defaced or destroyed identification cards.

This is as a result of the Representation of the People (Identification Cards Replacement fee) (Amendment) Regulations, 2009. It describes, “public institution” to include Government Children’s Homes, the Geriatric Hospital, the Psychiatric Hospital, district hospitals and the Welfare Department.      

Chief Electoral Officer, Angela Taylor, explained that based on the revised regulations, once the person in charge of a public institution issued a certificate indicating that an individual was in the care and custody of that body, the replacement fee would be waived. However, the institution must also request the replacement card for that person. 

Ms. Taylor also noted that with respect to persons who were not in the care and custody of a public institution, the Director of the National Disabilities Unit must issue a certificate to that effect and must request the replacement of the identification card of the disabled person.

She stressed, however, that the issuance of an initial identification card to any member of the public remained free.

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