Minister of Education, Ronald Jones (left), poses with students of the BCC’s Hospitality Institute, as they hold the 2010 Beverage Calendar. At??far right is Public Relations Manager with Banks Holdings Limited, Sophia Cambridge.??

Government will shortly commence an expansion of the Barbados Community College’s (BCC) Hospitality Institute, enabling it to house more students at that tertiary institution.

This announcement was made recently by Minister of Education and Human Resource Development, Ronald Jones, while speaking at the launch of Bank’s Holdings Limited’s 2010 Beverage Calendar at the Institute.

He noted that the organisation, which was renowned for producing well-rounded students in the hospitality industry, had been oversubscribed for some time. The Education Minister indicated Government was seeking to allow more access to the large number of students applying to that establishment each year. "That is the commitment we have for those who require post secondary education," Mr. Jones pointed out.

The Minister also lauded the partnership between BHL and the BCC, and stated that such alliances were important for the development of young people as it encouraged research activities and assisted with their growth and intellect. Mr. Jones was of the view that this, by extension contributed to the advancement of Barbados.

Commenting on the use of indigenous ingredients to produce the various drinks featured in the calendar, Minister Jones expressed a desire to see more local produce used in restaurants and households across Barbados.?? "I believe that a relationship between agriculture, manufacturing and tourism would augur well for Barbadians," he added.

Mr. Jones also encouraged students at the BCC to see the development of various beverages for the production of the calendar as a launching pad for catapulting them further into careers in the hospitality industry and to possibly become entrepreneurs.??

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