Export Barbados (BIDC) accepts first cohort to its Voyager Export Promotion and Development Programme, part of its coming Export Academy.

On June 14, 2021, Export Barbados (BIDC) held an opening ceremony to start its first training module under its new Voyager Export Promotion and Development Workshop. The Voyager programme equips participating businesses with the knowledge and tools essential to selling across borders.

The programme plays a vital role in up-skilling potential exporters and established exporters, recognizing the vital role of exporters as key drivers to economic growth, particularly in aiding the economic recovery of Barbados.

The Export Barbados Voyager Export Promotion and Trade Development Workshop will be presented online and will be fully immersed in all matters relating to export promotion and trade development.  The workshop will be presented in three sessions:

  • Module 1 – Global Strategic Planning;
  • Module 2 – Going Global;
  • Module 3: Global Trade Environment.

Under these modules, participants can learn about market research and prioritizing markets; market entry strategies, packaging and labelling; global distribution; international pricing and other important export-related topic areas.

Coordinator of the programme, Senior Business Development Officer, Coral Taylor, noted the timeliness of the programme, stating that, “The impact of COVID-19 has crippled many businesses across the globe while forcing many to rethink how they do business.  We too have reviewed our programmes to ensure they meet the needs of our clients. To this end, our former Export Readiness Programme has evolved into our Voyager Export Promotion and Trade Development Workshop, under our soon to come Export AcademyOur Voyager Workshop is expected to better equip businesses with knowledge and tools to meet the changing dynamics occurring across the globe.”

Manager of Exports, Ms. Paula Bourne, emphasised that, “The programmes and projects initiated by Export Barbados (BIDC) demonstrate the importance of creating an enabling environment for businesses to succeed and to earn valuable foreign exchange.”

At the Opening Ceremony of the programme, CEO of Export Barbados (BIDC), Mark Hill, introduced the Corporation’s latest venture, of which the Voyager Promotion and Trade Development Workshop is a part.

He emphasized his focus on making “I Export” a mantra for local businesses and introduced the coming Export Academy as part of his plan for supporting that focus.

He indicated that, “The Export Academy will provide a platform for the expansion of the educational efforts of the BIDC and an opportunity to sensitize stakeholders on the importance of having an export ethos. The goal of this initiative is to ultimately impact export earnings in a positive and significant way.”

The Export Academy, which is currently being developed, is expected to offer a range of training and sensitization programmes across multiple media and meeting platforms, traditional media as well as face to face interaction.

Some of the Export Academy programmes and activities include –

  • Educating on a wide range of topics relative to the what, who, when and how of exporting, real time Q&A sessions, opportunities for new products and services, product/service extensions and feedback in real time.
  • Coaching sessions focused on Export Growth Strategies for alumni of the Voyager Workshops who require additional intervention.
  • Audience specific presentations to help participants understand benefits, opportunities and key topics related to navigating exports and export ventures.

Registration is currently closed for the 2021 Voyager Programme. For any other information, please contact programme coordinator, Ms. Coral Taylor, at ctaylor@bidc.org or 836-3879.

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