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1.    What’s the difference between medicinal and recreational cannabis?

The main difference between medicinal cannabis and recreational cannabis is the Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content, the active ingredients in cannabis. Recreational cannabis typically contains higher levels of THC content compared to the medical variant and is often used for the “high” effect as opposed to its benefits.

Cannabis with a high content of CBD has been scientifically proven to have anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, anti-oxidant, anti-carcinogenic and antipsychotic properties. You will need a prescription for medicinal cannabis.

2.    Can Barbadians invest in the Medicinal Cannabis industry?

The medicinal cannabis industry will be built to support a locally derived value chain from seed to sale.  Therefore, all Barbadians, as well as permanent residents, persons with immigrant status, and CARICOM nationals, will be able to own 100% locally derived businesses to facilitate the cultivation to sale of medicinal cannabis and related products under a license.

3.    If you are not a Barbadian, a CARICOM National or have immigrant status can you still invest in the medicinal cannabis industry?

Our law allows for a person who applies for a license who is neither a citizen, permanent resident or has immigrant status residency of Barbados or the CARICOM, to invest in the industry but 30% of the partnership or co-operative society must be owned by a Barbadian citizen, permanent resident, a person with immigrant status or a citizen of a CARICOM Member State.

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4.    How can anyone participate in the medicinal cannabis industry?

There are several initiatives taking place to ensure that all levels of the local workforce will be prepared to participate in the industry:

  • Collaboration with the Technical and Vocational Education and Training (or TVET) Council of Barbados, which is an agency that creates workforce standards to develop industry standards for cannabis cultivation.
  • Certification for the workforce through prior learning assessment where the workforce can be certified on the job, based on on-site training.
  • Collaborations with the tertiary institutions, local and international, to develop and facilitate technical training at several levels. 

5.    Where can I get more information on the medicinal cannabis industry?

The Medicinal Cannabis Industry Act 2019 has provided for the establishment of the Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Licensing Authority, as the regulating body for the Medicinal Cannabis Industry. The public will be updated once the regulatory body is open for business. However, in the meanwhile, the public is welcome to visit www.bmcla.bb for more information and updates.

Click here to download the Barbados Medicinal Cannabis Industry Act.

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