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The Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security (MAFS) is seeking to recruit experienced farmers for a pilot crop cultivation project in Suriname.

The initiative falls under the recently signed Brokopondo Programme Action 2018-2021, aimed at strengthening relations between Barbados and Suriname.

Agriculture is one of the areas earmarked for cooperation, and Barbadian officials are exploring the feasibility of crop cultivation and animal rearing in the Dutch-speaking member state of the Caribbean Community.

The MAFS is seeking to send a team of technocrats and local farmers to Suriname to start crop production on a trial plot, allocated by that country’s government.

The objective is to collect data on the performance of the food crops in that climate, before moving on to large scale production.

Interested farmers are asked to contact the Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture and Food Security at 535-5100 for more information on the project, and to register.

Those who have been selected will be given a full briefing at the start of the programme.


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