Farmers and entrepreneurs taking up Government’s offer to sell fruit, vegetables, craft and other items at the “reinstituted Market Day” have been urged to exhibit discipline while plying their trade.

Addressing a meeting with farmers on the eve of last Friday’s opening at  Probyn Street in the city, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Senator Haynesley  Benn,  told those present that a high level of discipline would be expected of them. “This is an opportunity for persons who are not working, who possess skills to come and make a dollar. A high level of discipline will be required of you,” he stressed, noting that they would be allowed to sell “with or without licences” during the stipulated market period between midday on Fridays and 6:00 p.m. on Saturdays.

“At six o’clock on the dot (Saturday) the police will be back in action… we expect you to pack up so that by six o’ clock you can be gone. Whatever you bring, you move with at the end of the day. …You will not be required to get a license for this point in time – but that is no passport for you to set up at another location,” he warned.

“As we head into Christmas we are asking those of you who have Christmas decorations, craft and so on to bring them out. We are hoping that as we get going with it that you will seek to get your licences,” Senator Benn added.          

He also urged vendors to be “satisfied with the space allotted”, and to be mindful of the fact that there would be teething problems associated with the venture. “This is the [start] of a new venture; so I expect there will be a few teething problems that will be ironed out as we go on. Whenever we see the need for improvements, we are going to take our notes and we believe that before the new year turns we will iron out all of the difficulties,” he intimated.

Minister Benn is expecting future ventures to be held at several locations across the island including the Glebe, Six Roads, Brandons, Queen’s Park and in the vicinity of the National Cultural Foundation.  Market Day is expected to continue every weekend.

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