A worthy project which began in 2009 and was completed at the end of 2013, celebrated its official launch yesterday evening, as the Farrs Children???s Home in St. Peter, now renamed the Marina Brewster Centre at Farrs, was opened.

Addressing an audience of well-wishers and supporters, Minister of Social Care, Steve Blackett, thanked the members of the Maria Holder Memorial Trust Fund for their philanthropic contribution and bringing the project to fruition.

He stated: ???We in Barbados have been privileged to witness such a noble spirit of benevolence at work in the efforts of the Maria Holder Memorial Trust. The Founders of this Trust, Christopher Holder and Chesterfield Brewster, have demonstrated acts of kindness and shown their unswerving commitment to supporting significant projects across the island.

???Only a few weeks ago we received the keys of the newly redeveloped Parkinson Community Centre at the Pine, another Maria Holder Trust project. The Trust has also been instrumental in ensuring the successful execution of a number of projects in the fields of education, health and other social services throughout Barbados.???

While noting that institutional care was not intended to be a permanent feature, the Social Care Minister said that every effort would be made to ensure that the service and care provided was of a superior quality. He said that the refurbished facility would help to ensure that Barbadian children live in safe and wholesome surroundings, and as close as possible to any regular domestic setting found in the households around Barbados.

The Minister also extended his thanks and appreciation to corporate Barbados and individuals who had contributed to similar efforts over the years. He acknowledged that work such as this could not be done without the assistance of benefactors from the private sector and the NGO community.??

Farrs Children???s Home was first opened in 1910.


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