Queen???s College student, Adiel Alleyne, who brought glory to Barbados with an eye-catching poster that depicted themes of environmental and national heritage to clinch the first prize at the regional level of the Florida Caribbean Cruise Association???s (FCCA) poster competition, received her prize yesterday.

She was also treated to a luncheon on board Royal Caribbean???s Jewel of the Seas cruise vessel.

The official ceremony took place yesterday in the presence of winners of the essay competitions in the junior and senior divisions, Azizi Alleyne and Yannic Boyce, respectively, parents, friends, other participants, teachers and Principal of the Queen???s College, Dr. David Browne.

In brief remarks, Captain of the vessel, Thore Thorolvsen, said he was pleased to be making a presentation to the winner and her school on a ???fantastic topic ??? the environment???.

He said: ???There is nothing more important in our life that means more than to have a safe environment. I am very happy to see that the younger generation has taken that [the environment] up. Not to discredit the previous generation, but??? when I was your age, no one was talking to me about how important the environment was to all of us. The environment is something we all need to survive on this planet and I think that it is a fantastic thing that you have taken up to protect.???

Captain Thorolvsen, lauded the FCCA for taking the initiative to award students in this area, before presenting the winner???s cheque of US $3 000 and a similar cash award to Principal, Dr. David Browne.

At the end of the formal ceremony, the guests were treated to lunch and a tour of the well-appointed vessel.


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