Householders in several districts in St. John, St. Joseph, St. Andrew and St. George will be interviewed from next Monday, May 25, by visiting field officers working with the Enhanced Continuous Labour Force Sample Survey.

The St. John districts of Coach Hill, Colleton, Pot House, Clifton Hall, Sherbourne, Four Roads, Golden Ridge, Massiah Street, Woodland and The Cliff will be visited.

Interviews will also be conducted in the St. Joseph districts of Coffee Gully, Horse Hill, Airy Hill, East Coast Road, St. Elizabeth Village, Bathsheba, Chimborazo, Castle Grant, St. Bernard’s Village, and Sugar Hill.

Field officers will also travel to the St. Andrew areas of Kings Street, St. Simons, Haggatts, Bruce Vale, Belleplaine, Gregg Farm Road, Turner’s Hall, Bawden’s, Rock Hall Village and Roebuck Village.

They will also gather information from households in the St. George districts of Dash Valley, Salters, Monroe, Constant, Glebe, Glebe Land, Gun Hill, Thorpes Cottage, Rowans Park, Walkers Park, Locust Hall, Market Hill and Applewhaite’s.

The survey is being conducted by the Barbados Statistical Service, in association with the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, under its Skills for the Future Programme. The exercise, which is being conducted in 120 enumeration districts across Barbados, ends on Tuesday, June 30.

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