The status of ongoing projects between Barbados and Cuba is the focus of the fifth meeting of the Barbados/ Cuba Joint Commission which got underway today in Havana,…Cuba.

The December 5 to 7 meeting, will address issues pertaining to cooperation in the areas of health, education, culture, disaster preparedness, science and technology, trade and agriculture. In addition, a team of Barbadian road tennis players has been invited to conduct exhibitions and training in Cuban schools to popularise the sport, as well as to donate…equipment.

To facilitate the deepening of economic cooperation, ahead of the start of today’s conference, preliminary meetings were held with representatives from the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Investment and Economic Cooperation, the agency responsible for coordinating bilateral technical cooperation projects. Meetings were also being organised with representatives of the Cuban Chamber of Commerce.

Barbados and Cuba have signed a series of cooperation agreements that define the terms of their bilateral relationship.

In the area of technical cooperation, the two countries signed a Basic Agreement on Economic and Technical Cooperation on December 8, 1997, and it is within this framework that Joint Commission meetings are convened annually and hosted alternately.

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