Approximately 50 persons will participate in the Division of Family’s eighth cohort of the Positive Parenting Skills Training of Trainers Programme which begins next Monday, January 28, at its Mall Internationale headquarters.

This disclosure has come from Senior Administrative Officer, Marva Howell, who said there was always a high demand for the training.

Ms. Howell continued: "The Ministry welcomes the participation of these parents, and interested persons. We would wish to encourage more persons and community groups to participate as we envisage that even more parents would then be exposed to this very valuable information to enhance family life."

Recognising that not all persons would wish to access the centralised training, she disclosed that in the upcoming financial year, which begins in April, the Ministry would offer more community-focused Positive Parenting Skills training and work closely with other organisations in civil society to address the needs of parents across the island.

Training for the eighth cohort will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. for 16-weeks. During the sessions, participants will discuss topics covered under the following modules – Parenting, Coping and Managing, Finding Self, Seeking Help and Appropriate Action Planning. Facilitators are drawn from the field of psychology, law, social work, health, religion and financial management, among others.

The programme is aimed at helping persons develop the necessary skills, knowledge and attitudes which would empower them to become more effective parents, leading to better communication and interpersonal relationships, not only in the home, but throughout the community, school and workplace.

To date, over 200 persons have been trained.

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