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Members of the public and attorneys are asked to note the following as it relates to the filing of civil, commercial and family documents in the High Court.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020 – Limitation of Actions Act

All attorneys who submitted documents to the Registrar via an electronic medium will be allowed to file documents where the claim would have expired during the period of closure under the Limitation of Actions Act. They should submit the original documents with stamp duty and the copy that was submitted.

Wednesday May 6, 2020

Any other document to be filed will follow the alphabetical system as specified below: This classification will be by the surname of the attorney as listed on the Drawn and Prepared of documents to be filed and the name of the law firm responsible for the documents being filed.

This will be done according to the following schedule:

  • Tuesday, May 5 – reserved                    
  • Wednesday, May 6 – C to F                             
  • Thursday, May 7 – G to K                                 
  • Friday, May 8 & Monday, May 11 – A to B     
  • Tuesday, May 12 – L to R
  • Friday, May 15 – S to Z

Examination of Files

For the examination of files, the same alphabetical system as above will apply. However, before handling any files, persons must properly sanitize their hands with the alcohol-based sanitizer provided.

Persons should also note that this service will be delayed until glass barriers have been erected in the High Court Registry for the protection of the members of staff, public or attorneys-at-law.  

Supreme Court

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