The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Youth is standing firm in its support of the upcoming 2016 docudrama on Barbados??? first Prime Minister and National Hero, the Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow.

This assurance was given by Minister Stephen Lashley, during the official launch of the Film, Barrow: Freedom Fighter, produced by Step by Step Productions.

Mr. Lashley, who announced that his Ministry had already provided financial support for the film, noted that such a project held great significance within the Barbadian experience, specifically with regard to the youth of the nation.

???I don???t think that many of our young people understand the significant contribution that persons such as Errol Walton Barrow made to the development of Barbados???I think that this particular production will perhaps be the first of its kind to bring [Mr. Barrow] into the reality of our young people,??? he stated.

Describing the film as ???one of the most important documentaries??? produced in Barbados, the Minister added that the docudrama was a method by which the youth can be inspired to dream and to understand the nation???s history. He was also of the view that by virtue of its scale, as well as its vision and content, the production would be a major achievement for the film industry in Barbados.

Co-producer of the film, Marcia Weekes, stressed that there were still great financial hurdles which needed to be overcome, and stated that a total of BBD $500,000 was required to complete the project, which starts filming tomorrow.

According to Mrs. Weekes, the aim of her production company, Step by Step Productions, is to create a cast and crew comprising local and international talent, so as to allow for further training and information to be passed on to local film makers through the co-production. She then added that her company had already begun discussions to employ the talents of well-known international actors.

The film, which is scheduled to be released next year for Barbados??? 50th Anniversary of Independence, will be narrated by former United States Attorney General, Eric Holder.

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