Members of the public will soon have another opportunity to learn more about human trafficking.

The Bureau of Gender Affairs will host the final panel discussion in a five-part series "Not Again": Trafficking in Persons – Modern Day Slavery on Wednesday, September 5, at the Lester Vaughan School, Cane Garden, St. Thomas, from 7:00 to 9:30 p.m.

Human trafficking is a crime in which traffickers profit from the exploitation of individuals who are lured to places where they can be controlled. Victims are promised a better life and good jobs, but then forced into dangerous, illegal or abusive work. Human trafficking is a rapidly expanding global phenomenon and is said to have many faces, including domestic servitude, forced labour and sexual slavery.

Government has enacted the Transnational Organised Crime (Prevention and Control) Act, 2011-13 and established a 13-member National Task Force for the Prevention of Trafficking in Persons, in an effort to eradicate any semblance of human trafficking in Barbados.

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