While fire officials are reporting an overall decrease in major fires for the first quarter of 2015, they are seeing a 25 per cent increase in commercial fires, and a 5.2 per cent increase in vehicular accidents.

Statistics from the Barbados Fire Service show that firemen responded to 743 fires between January and March last year, compared with 361 for the same period, this year.

However, in a statement, Acting Chief Fire Officer, Errol Maynard, explained that of the fires responded to this year, only 19 were for private dwelling homes, compared with 34 for the corresponding period last year.?????It is believed that these decreases are a direct result of our active fire prevention practices and unseasonal rains,??? Mr. Maynard said.??

However, Barbadians are still being urged to be vigilant and to exercise prudent fire prevention practices. ???Look out for each other, be your brothers??? keeper and keep around your premises clean and tidy,??? the Acting Chief Fire Officer said.??Decreases were also recorded for the number of grass, cane, vehicles, rubbish and electrical fires and malicious false alarms.


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