Owners of fishing vessels are advised to seek safe harbour for their vessels as soon as possible, as Barbados prepares for the impact of a tropical wave, which is expected to affect the island from Friday, July 2.

Chief Fisheries Officer, Joyce Leslie, advised persons with moses, tenders and like vessels to remove them from the water and to make sure that they are adequately secured on land.

She added that, where possible, fish pots should also be removed from the water.

Owners may also consider making arrangements for lift out of their fishing vessels.

As such, they are asked to note that Port St. Charles will open in the afternoon, tomorrow, Thursday, July 1, to accommodate fishing vessels over 25 feet in length from the north and west coasts.

Owners are required to call security at Port St. Charles at 419-1000 to inform of their intent to be moored there. Boat owners seeking to moor their vessels at Port St. Charles are also advised to have adequate fendering, six tyres or buoys for their vessel and adequate strong rope.

Fisheries Division

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