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Business owners and those looking to start their own enterprises will get the opportunity to learn more about setting the price for goods and how this can determine their profits, at the Financial Literacy Bureau’s (FLB) virtual clinic, next week.

The facilitator for the clinic, to be held on Tuesday, May 4, will be Principal Consultant with Strategic Consulting and Advisory Services, Colin Daniel, who will discuss the topic: Costing and Pricing of Products.

The session, which begins at 6:00 p.m. on Zoom, is aimed at addressing the challenges many business owners encounter when costing and pricing their products.  During the session, the facilitator will reveal the “secret” to determining the real product costs and setting a competitive selling price. Participants may register by clicking here

Other clinics will take place throughout the month and the public may follow on Facebook and Instagram at FLB.246. 

Further information on the clinics may be obtained by calling the Ministry at 535-7700, or by emailing flb.246@barbados.gov.bb.  They may also log on to www.commerce.gov.bb.

The clinics will run until Thursday, May 20.


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