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Several Information Technology (IT) Officers in the public sector are getting an opportunity to undergo Knowledge Management training, thanks to the Human Resource Development Strategy (HRDS) Unit of the Ministry of Labour.

The training, which began on Monday at the Ministry of Labour, Warrens Office Complex, is being facilitated by Chairman and Chief Instructor of the Knowledge Management Institute, Douglas Weidner.

During a brief opening ceremony, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Labour, Yolande Howard, encouraged the up-and-coming Certified Knowledge Managers to use their training for the advancement of their respective ministries and departments.

This would also be beneficial, she noted, as Barbados makes a greater transition towards using knowledge management systems and improving information access across the public and private sectors.

“The 21st century has brought to us more than just smart phones…. At the micro level, it has brought us staggering amounts of information and computing power at our fingertips, but at the macro level, it has resulted in the creation of knowledge-based economies, where knowledge and ideas are the main source of economic growth,” she stated.

The Permanent Secretary also maintained that Barbados’ economic sustainability was heavily dependent on its ability to capitalise on knowledge for productivity, and to make timely decisions at the business and policy level. And, as she reminded her audience, none of this would be possible without human capital.

The three-day training programme, which culminates tomorrow, Wednesday, January 18, will focus on, among other objectives, building collaborative environments for better communication and to spark innovation; transforming organisations into rapid learning environments; and creating a knowledge management vision for organisations.


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