As part of ongoing efforts to reduce the presence of the deadly aedes aegypti mosquito, the Ministry of Health, through the Vector Control Unit, will continue the fogging of a number of districts across the island next week.

On Monday, November 19, the team will visit St. Joseph, where Lammings, Braggs Hill, Sugar Hill, Yearwood Road, Coffee Gully, Branchbury and the environs will be fogged.

The next day, Tuesday, November 20, fogging operations will move to St. Peter, and fog Boscobel, Mount #1 & #2, Gays, Collins, The Baltic, Date Tree Hill, Cave Hill and the surrounding areas.

Efforts to eliminate the mosquito continue on Wednesday, November 21, in St. John. The targeted areas will be Clifton Hall Tenantry, Church View, Newcastle, Martins Bay, St. Margaret’s, Zoars, Glenburnie, Foster Hall and other nearby districts.

Upper Collymore Rock, Pine Gardens, Bishop Court Hill, South Bend, Sunset and Sunset Drive, Philip Drive, Elizabeth Drive, Margaret Terrace, Mount Joy, Prince Gap, Pine North South Road, Pine Plantation Road 1 & 2 Avenues, Cedar Hill, Croton Avenue, Princess Royal Avenue, Edgecliff, Harewood Walk, Harbour View, York Terrace, Lascelles Terrace and adjacent areas in St. Michael will be sprayed on Thursday, November 22.

The team will remain in that parish on Friday, November 23, to treat Canewood Road, Jackson Stage 1, 2 & 3, Arsenal Playing Field Road, Jackson Tenantry Road, Cane Garden Development and the adjoining areas.

Fogging will run from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. each day, and householders are asked to assist by opening windows and doors to allow the fog to penetrate.?? However, persons with respiratory problems should protect themselves from inhaling the fog, while pedestrians and motorists should be cautious when encountering fogging operations on the street.

In addition, parents are urged to forbid their children from playing in the fog or running behind the fogging machine.


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