The Ministry of Health will continue its fogging programme next week by visiting five parishes.

Fogging will start in St. Thomas on Monday, September 7, when Bagatelle Terrace; Bennetts; Arch Hall; Bagatelle Gardens; Redmans Village; Welches Heights and the environs will be fogged.

The following day, Tuesday, September 8, the team is scheduled to visit a number of districts in St. Philip.?? These are Eastbourne #1 & 2; Wellhouse; ??River Land; Lynches; Merricks; Sealy Hall; Eastpoint; Marley Vale; Clarkes Hill; Hill View and the surroundings.

On Wednesday, September 9, fogging will continue in St. Lucy, at Half Moon Fort; Clinketts Housing Area; Sutherland Hill; Checker Hall; Fustic Village; Broomefield; Husbands; Maycocks Bay; Maycocks Terrace and the environs.

Fogging is scheduled for a number of districts in Christ Church on Thursday, September 10.?? Maxwell Coast Road; Deal Gardens; Dover; Dover Gardens; Top Rock; Bath Village; St. Lawrence; St. Lawrence Gap; Worthing Main Road; Hastings Main Road; Welches Road and the surrounding areas will be sprayed.

On Friday, September 11, fogging will culminate in St. Michael, with Walton Drive, Paradise Heights; University Hill, 2nd, 4th, 6th, 8th & 10th Avenues; Wanstead Drive; 1st-16th Avenue West Terrace; Oxnards; Oxnards Crescent and the environs being targeted.

All fogging runs from 4:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. and householders are asked to assist by opening windows and doors to allow the fog to penetrate.

Persons with respiratory problems should protect themselves from inhaling the fog. Pedestrians and motorists should proceed with caution when encountering fogging operations on the street.

Parents are instructed to prohibit children from playing in the fog or running behind the fogging machine.??

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