Four parishes will be fogged next week when the Ministry of Health continues its fogging programme to rid the island of the aedes aegypti mosquito.

On Monday, November 16, the team from the Vector Control Unit will visit St. Philip and fog Six Roads, Marchfield, Sunbury Tenantry, Farm Gardens, Emerald City and its environs.

Then, on Tuesday, November 17, the team will move to Christ Church to target Durants, Callenders Development, Thornbury Hill, Gibbons Boggs, Pegwell, Pegwell Gardens and the environs.

The team will return to Christ Church on Wednesday, November 18, and fog Ealing Grove, Enterprise Raod, Wilcox Hill, Chancery Lane Park and the surrounding areas.

Thursday, November 19, will be the turn of the St. Peter districts of Church Hill, Douglas Development, Ashton Hall, Mile and a Quarter, Tom Bend Gap, Maynards Housing Area, Maynards Development, Six Men’s and the environs.

Fogging for the week will culminate in St James, on Friday, November 20, at Thorpes Road, Ricks Road, Waterman Village, Husbands Development, Oxnards Heights, Husbands Gardens, Husbands Heights and neighboring districts.

Fogging operations run from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. each day and individuals with respiratory illnesses should protect themselves from inhaling the fog.

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