The Vector Control Unit of the Ministry of Health will fog a number of areas next week, with the exception of Monday, January 21, Errol Barrow Day.

On Tuesday, January 22, efforts to rid the island of the aedes egypti mosquito, the carrier of dengue fever, will resume with the fogging of The Bridgetown Port, Pelican Village and the environs.

The following day, Wednesday, January 23, the team will spray the Christ Church districts of Atlantic Shores, Enterprise Coast Road, Brownes Land, Enterprise Gardens, Rollins Road, Goodland Gardens and other nearby areas.??

On Thursday, January 24, the St. Michael and St. Thomas neighbourhoods of Bibbys Lane (with avenues), Exchange, Lears, Lears Tenantry, Proute, Mount Wilton, Clifton Hall and Walkers Spring, will be treated.?? ????

Fogging for the week will culminate in St. James on Friday, January 25, in Prospect, Crusher Site Road, Fitts Village, Johnson Gap, Jordans Road, Berbice #1 and # 2, Piggott Gap, Lashley’s Gap, Risk Road and the surrounding areas.

Fogging will run from 4:30 until 7:30 p.m. each day and householders are asked to assist in the drive by opening windows and doors to allow the fog to penetrate.?? Persons with respiratory problems should protect themselves from inhaling the fog and pedestrians and motorists should proceed with caution when encountering the operations on the street.?? Parents are also advised to prevent their children from playing in the fog or from running behind the fogging machine.


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