The Ministry of Health???s Vector Control Unit will deploy its fogging team throughout several parishes from Monday, December 7, to Friday, December 11.

On Monday, the unit will visit St. John, where the areas of Society, Sargeant Street, College Land and the environs will be fogged.

The team will enter Christ Church on Tuesday, December 8, to spray Scarborough, Keizer Hill, Waverley, Atkins Land, Abbey Gardens, Pegwell Gardens and surrounding vicinities.

The unit then goes to St. Michael on Wednesday, December 9, where Tweedside Road, Welches Terrace, Bridge Road, Hindsbury Road, Nurse Land, Goddard Road and neighbouring areas will be fogged.

On Thursday, December 10, the team returns to St. Michael, where they will carry out their duties in Maxwell Coast Road, Maxwell Main Road, Dover Terrace, Dover with Avenues and the environs.

Finally, on Friday, December 11, the fogging unit will visit St. Michael, where Ellis Village, Halls Road, Belmont Road, Carrington Village, Tweedside Road and the neighbouring districts will be fogged.

The fogging machine will be in operation between 4:30 and 7:00 p.m. each day.??Householders are asked to open windows and doors to allow the fog to circulate, and persons with respiratory problems should avoid inhaling the fog.

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