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The Vector Control Unit of the Ministry of Health will continue its work to eradicate the Aedes aegypti mosquito next week, concentrating its efforts in St. Michael.

On Monday, July 31, the team will fog Kensington New Road, Fontabelle, Farnum Land, Chapman Lane with Avenues, Emmerton Lane, Mason Hall Street, Reed Street and environs.

On Wednesday, August 2, they will spray Belleview Road, Station Hill, Godding Road, Glendairy Gap, Deane’s Village with Avenues and neighbouring districts.

On Thursday, August 3, areas targeted will be Dunlow Lane, Collymore Rock, Jemmotts Lane, St. Paul’s Avenue, Evelyn Avenue, Grant’s Avenue, Bay Gardens, Culloden Road and surrounding areas.

And on Friday, August 4, the team will be in Bank Hall Cross Road, Bank Hall, Eagle Hall, Black Rock, Black Rock Main Road and environs.

Householders are reminded to open their doors and windows to allow the spray to enter. The fogging exercise runs from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. each day.


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