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The Vector Control Unit of the Ministry of Health continues its efforts to eradicate the Aedes aegypti mosquito next week.

On Monday, May 15, areas to be fogged in St. Andrew and St. Joseph are Coggins Hill, Chalky Mount, Cambridge, Bissex, Coconut Grove and environs.

On Tuesday, May 16, the team will be in St. John to spray Glenburnie, St. Margaret’s, Martins Bay, Zores, Newcastle and neighbouring districts.

On Wednesday, May 17, districts to be fogged in St. George and St John are Golden Ridge, Lemon Arbor Village, Four Roads, Knights Village, Wakefield, Claybury, Redland Tenantry, Butcher Road, Brathwaite Road, Sweet Vale and surrounding areas.

Districts in Christ Church will be targeted on Thursday, May 18, specifically Dayrells Road, Rockley Terrace, Rockley, Blue Waters, Garden, Peronne Gap, Golf Club Road and environs.

Fogging takes place in St. James and St. Thomas on Friday, May 19, in Bagatelle Terrace with Avenues, Old Plow Road, Bagatelle Yard, Bennetts, Arch Hall Development, Arch Hall and neighbouring districts.

Householders are reminded to open their doors and windows to allow the spray to enter. The fogging exercise runs from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. each day.


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