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Officers of the Vector Control Unit of the Ministry of Health will continue fogging exercises in parishes throughout Barbados next week in an effort to control the spread of the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

On Monday, November 13, the team will be in Christ Church fogging Fairy Valley, Fairy Valley Tenantry, Wilcox Hill, Thyme Bottom, St. Bartholomew, Parish Land, Rollins Road, Goodland Road, Bourne’s Land, Goodland Gardens and environs.

On Tuesday, November 14, the team will be in St. John spraying Gall Hill, Gall Hill Development, Eastmont Road, Small Town, Carters Road, Hothersal Tenantry, Edgecliff, Malvern, Venture, Easy Hall, Mount Tabor and surrounding areas.

On Wednesday, November 15, the exercise continues in St. Philip in Kirtons, Kirtons #1, Kirtons #2, Kirtons #3, Rices, Rices Gardens, Cave Land, Crane Development, Merricks, East Point and neighbouring districts.

St. Philip will again be targeted on Thursday, November 16, specifically Crane, Union Development, Apple Drive, Tangerine Street, Pine Avenue, Seaview, Long Bay, Ruby, Ruby Park, Ruby Tenantry, Work Hall, Jessamy Lane, Union Hall, Union Park and environs.

The team will be in St. Michael on Friday, November 17. Areas to be fogged are Grazettes Court, Grazettes Tenantry, Derriston Road, Grazettes with Avenues, Scotts Terrace with Avenues, Seclusion Gardens, Fairfield Cross Road, Skeete’s Road, Smith Road, Hurley Land and surrounding areas.

Fogging will be carried out from 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. daily and householders are reminded to open windows and doors to allow the spray to enter. Persons with respiratory problems are advised to protect themselves and children should not play in the fog.


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